WEEK-DAY TERM TIME Tickets: : Mondays-Fridays

Morning / Afternoon Tickets: WEEKENDS and School Holidays

Explorers! Due to restricted park numbers we have a new booking system in place. HERE’s HOW THE BOOKING WORKS!

If you want to come during the week, Monday to Friday, you need to click week-day term time slots There is only one session per day Monday-Friday, this starts at 11am with an animal show at 12pm and a bird show at 1pm

If you want to come at the WEEKEND or during SCHOOL HOLIDAYS, you need to click on the AM or PM time slots. School holidays and weekends are classed as peak tickets so there are TWO sessions per day. AM, starting at 10am with an animal show at 11am and a bird show at 12pm.


The PM slot starting at 1pm with an animal show at 2pm and a bird show at 3pm.

You can check availability for the days you want to come before booking tickets however please purchase tickets before booking a time slot. Explorers are reminded that just like theatre tickets or any other attraction, tickets are NON REFUNDABLE once purchased. Please ensure you’ve checked availability if there is a specific session you want. You can do this on the website calendar, if a date has been blanked off it means it is full. Any issues with booking please email Tickets however are open ended for 12 months but please don’t book time slots if you don’t intend to come as it takes up limited space for other visitors.

WILD! Runs a wet weather guarantee. IF shows and displays need to be cancelled on the day you have booked and you’re already on site, we will automatically reissue free return tickets. This will be announced before or during a show/display. Return tickets can ONLY be used by the SAME visitors who were booked for the original session. ID is required on return.

Explorer and Ranger group passes are still available. Grandparent and child (2+) tickets are only £20 Under twos are still free.

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